The New Non-Political RumpusGoopus Weblog (a.k.a. Comrus)

Welcome to the RumpusGoopus non-political weblog (a.k.a. The Comrus Weblog).  This weblog (undoubtedly, I will later explain why I don’t use the term “blog”), like The RumpusGoopus Weblog, originally existed at a different location.  The previous location was at  This weblog was created so as to have an outlet to write about non-political topics without muddling it up with the political content usual to RumpusGoopus.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I won’t update this weblog too often, but I feel it necessary to have a non-political, sometimes humorous, outlet.  It’s really all explained at the previous location.

Anyway, it might be a while before new posts begin.  In the meantime, please enjoy some of the “best of Comrus” posts.



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