American Idol’s David Archuleta and the Menendez Brothers

Okay, I know this betrays me as someone who watches American Idol (because of my wife, I swear!), but after watching tonight’s show, with David Archuleta wearing an argyle sweater, I’m now convinced that he has an uncanny similarity to the Menendez brothers (I would have gotten comparative sweater pictures, but alas, they are unavailable).



And considering there are rumors that Archuleta’s dad is supposed to be very strict…

Legal Disclaimer:  I am by no means implying that David Archuleta’s dad is abusive, nor am I implying the David might kill his dad one day.  With a shotgun.  Multiple rounds.  I am not implying this at all.

Real Legal Disclaimer:  No really, I’m only joking about the connection.

Real Legal Disclaimer II:  Please don’t sue.


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