Yet Another Meta Post

Once again, I find myself debating what I should do with this blog.  I generally have been keeping up with posting on my political blog (mostly just links, but at least that’s something), but with this one I cannot get myself to write the humor-type writing that characterized this blog at its old site.  My job has apparently stripped myself of the desire to sit down and focus enough to make my posts amusing. 

My last post was purposely not of this type.  For a year or so, I had been wanting to find out more information on the mini-golf course reviewed, and no such information was available on the Internet.  Because of this, I decided that maybe I should take this site in a new direction.  Instead of just posting humorous items, I would also try to add some information to the Internet that doesn’t sufficiently exist already.

I understand that this will probably make many of my posts boring and somewhat unreadable to most people, especially if I discuss a local topic only, and will not quite serve return readers.  Hopefully, though, I’ll intersperse these posts with others that are more appealing to a more general audience.  And, hopefully, my writing on the posts with less mass appeal will still be light and amusing to still entertain.

Of course, I’ve had many meta-posts on this very topic and have not increased my humor output yet, so we’ll see how it turns out.  At minimum, I’ll be posting more often to this site, even if it’s not such entertaining writing.


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