I Finally Get Myself to Go Jogging Again

For the first time in years, I finally have gotten myself to start jogging again.  Admittedly, it’s a little optimistic to say that I’ve gotten myself to “start” jogging, but rather I have gotten myself to go jogging.  One day.  One day does not a jogging regiment make, as I do sit here on the second day since I went, not planning on doing it today.  I have an excuse today: shin splints.  However, I had better get myself to continue jogging or else… or else… well, I’m not likely to get fat any time soon, but I certainly could keep my weight and heart in check.

The last time I jogged routinely was back in the first year or so of law school, where, while I didn’t have much free time, I was able to move around my studying so that I wasn’t exhausted when it was time to do so.  That’s the main problem now.  However, it’s not like I haven’t exercised at all since then.  While studying for the Bar, my wife and I would make routine visits to the apartment gym where I would use the elliptical machine. 

The elliptical machine is really what stopped me from even considering jogging for the next few years even though those “routine” visits became “periodic” and then “rare.”  However, it was while exercising on the elliptical machine I realized just how worthless jogging was.  I could spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, and in that time the machine would tell me that I burned. 7.42 calories.  The same 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, however, as the machine informed me, would burn approximately 52,173,221,513 calories.  So, naturally, even though I knew the machine wasn’t telling me the whole truth, I stuck with the elliptical.

Since then, and since my wife and I have gained employment, the only times we could go to the gym would be directly after work, which is when everyone else on the planet would go.  There are two elliptical machines at our apartment gym, and they would inevitably be in use.  As such, all of our exercising had died out with the exception of some random trips to the pool.

But now, now I finally have gotten myself to go out.  And oy vey, am I out of shape.  I ran for a good 30 minutes, looked at my watch, and realized that it had actually only been seven minutes.  My plan was to put in at least 20 just to get myself started, and I was dying by seven.  Worse yet, I had that pre-work-out mentality where one thinks he can run a marathon without too much difficulty, so that I headed off in a direction that didn’t allow me to return home without covering a lot more ground than reasonably feasible.

After a couple very short walking breaks, I was able to make the jog back and lasted about 25 minutes.  Not too awful since I haven’t exercised in a long time.  But, of course, my body wasn’t too happy the next day.  As I previously Twittered (which I’m starting to think is usurping even the tiny bit of motivation I have left for non-political blogging): “My legs today: ‘After years of sitting around on the couch, you decide to start jogging again? I will punish you.'”

And so, after legs being sore all day yesterday and part of today, I am left with shin splints.  I really would have gone jogging today if not for them.  Yes, I would have.  No really, I would have.  I swear.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  Or Friday.

One quick thing.  When I was jogging I passed a kid on his bike.  As he was riding, the kid was talking on a cell phone.  So very disconcerting.  Oy.


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