The Netflix Recommendation: Bill Cosby is a God

For a while there, I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to continue this series as Netflix had apparently given up on me.  In fact, I can still say that, as Netflix only recommends to me around 30 titles (most of which I have no interest in), but that’s still better than when it was at about 6 titles a few months ago.  However, while I have more recommendations, they’ve veered-off from weird to the totally absurd.  And so, we have today’s recommendation.

The Recommendation: Jesus of Nazareth

Because I enjoyed: Bill Cosby: Himself


See, simply recommending a documentary on Jesus to me is silly to begin with.  I’m a proud atheist-leaning agnostic, and am allergic to almost all things Jesus.  But what makes this recommendation legendary, is that it was recommended to me because I liked a film of Bill Cosby stand-up.  Did I miss something?  Did Cosby recently declare himself the new Messiah?  Does Netflix know something I don’t?  Should I be worshipping at the altar of Huxtable?

I guess it’s time to start a new religion.  I’ll have to quit my job and start writing the Gospel of Cosby.  I wonder if I can become one of Cosby’s apostle.  From now on, call me Theo.


6 responses to “The Netflix Recommendation: Bill Cosby is a God

  1. If Netflix was trying to share the gospel message with you they could have picked a better movie about Jesus.

  2. Too true. Surely, “Jesus Christ Sitcom-Star” would have been more appropriate.

  3. If Himself included the Noah sketch, I might understand, but it doesn’t. If so, your response the the recommendation system would have been “Riiiiight!?”

    [Jello falls to the floor] “It was Cosby, Cosby, Cosby, Cosby, COS-BY.”

  4. I thought about the Noah sketch possibly being the connection, but then remembered that it’s not in “Bill Cosby: Himself.” So who knows?

    Good reference. 🙂 I didn’t remember showing you (or anyone besides Rob, really) that video.

  5. Hilarious!
    Have you ever tried getting recommendations from another service to rent on Netflix? I like Jinni (

  6. I have not tried other sites for recommendations. Does Jinni import my ratings? I’d hate to have to do it all over again (especially since I have 1000+ ratings with Netflix).

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