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The Real Paper Mario

What else could this weblog need more of than more Mario?  This is actually pretty sweet.  It’s a hand-drawn stop-motion animation of a Mario level.

Although, that really was a weird way to end it.  I was expecting a flag jump.  Oh well.


The Direction of Comrus / 153 Superimposed Marios

Well now, I’m a little perplexed as to what to do with this site.  In its old location, it was basically a personal weblog with a spin.  That is, I tried to make the posts more about the story and the humor, and less about the mundane details of my daily life, so as to interest a wider audience and not just people that know me.  With the new location, I will continue to aim toward this audience, but the question I ask myself is if every post should have the same basic format as the last.  That is, should every post basically be narratives of events and thoughts in my life, or should I include other type of posts, such as links and commentary to things that interest me. 

I have basically decided that, at least for the time being, this site will be more an amalgam of different types of posts.  I’ll still have the same types of posts as at the previous location, but will also include some other random bits that I think others might find interesting.  Some of these are likely to be very short (most, probably, given how much time I usually have to compose posts), as the following will be.


So, let’s get to it.


Every now and then I come across something on the Internet that renews my love for the some of the things it can produce.  And usually, it’s something that appeals to my extremely geeky side.  This time, it’s a Super Mario World video. 


Hey, hey!  Come back!  No, no, this is quite interesting, at least for those who have even a passing interest in older-school games.  It’s a video of an extremely difficult self-created Super Mario World level.  What sets this video apart from most homemade level videos is that not only is the level incredibly difficult, but the video superimposes all 153 attempts at finishing the level.


It’s actually quite hard to describe.  As such, it’s better just to watch the video:




(Thanks to Geeknights for the link).